Surprising SEO trends

Surprising SEO trends that SEO companies are following to convert website and blog traffic into conversion

But now the time has totally changed. In each and every field we are doing excel.  They say that change is the only constant to do progress. It is perhaps nowhere as true as in the in the case of search engine optimization (SEO). This is one area where constant changes have been taking place. Companies offering SEO services in India, or for that matter anywhere in the world, have had to constantly think on their feet and move forward quickly. There have been some interesting trends emerging in recent times. These trends are going to dictate SEO trends in the near future.


SEO is no more about getting higher search engine rankings. It is all about “conversion rates”. Clients dealing with a SEO outsourcing company are now asking for improvement in their conversion rate. This could mean an increase in the number of potential online visitors performing a desired action. Now, this action could range anything from filing out a form to actually buying a product.

When we talk about current era, the increasing competition requires certain strategies that can help you to be at top in Search Engine Result Page. Few of these trends and techniques are as below:-

Uniqueness of Content:-

A company offering SEO services therefore has to be constantly on its toes. It has to for instance, keep track of the quality of content. Google has become very particular about information richness. No longer will fluff stuffed in with keywords going to work. Uniqueness of the content is what is going to be the trend in the near future.

Content Marketing:-

Generating quality content is one thing and getting it published widely is another. This is going to be the challenge for companies offering SEO services in India.  The companies will also need to keep track of the changes taking place in the social media platform. From shares to re tweets, social media is now a key part of the SEO service.

Mobile Design:-    

Another emerging trend in SEO has been dictated by the increasing use of mobile devices. With the increasing number of tablets and smart phones, convergence has played its part in influencing SEO trends. While this is a factor that does not directly impact search rankings, this is an area that is expected to grow and become influential when it comes to dictating browsing patterns, in the near future.


One more key trend that any company needs to follow is that of localization. It is already clearly evident that Google has shown a fondness for sites with localized information. Local SEO with elements such as listings, maps and citations could be the trick going forward for at least the next few years.

Media Content:-

At last but not least, Media content is another important factor that is influencing SEO trends. The Internet is increasingly getting crowded with videos and animated images. Gone are the days of text only content. The online visitors of today want more meaningful content and this trend is expected to only increase in the near future.

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